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How to Attach a BNC Connector to a RG59 Coax Cable

Here is a simple how to video showing the making up of a RG59 coax cable using a BNC and strain relief.

Whilst there are many ways to achieve the same result, this is one of my techniques of BNC connector installation on a RG59 coaxial cable.

This video is Powered By Seagate Skyhawk.

For further information, please visit: https://www.dvs.co.uk/
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uday panchmatia : Thanks for showing the connections which brand connectors are recommended? Can u please suggest the ones which are the best for temporary outdoor events, as when we are finding up the cables get dirty from the mud and the connectors get spoilt and difficult in cleaning
IceKnight366 : Does anyone know how to go about painting your BNC adaptor (black for
example)? Is it safe to just spray it on with a can? I've seen a lot
of BNC adaptors black and I want to be able to do this with an adaptor
that only comes in chrome.
Mike Krol : You're a lifesaver. I'll be a hero at my job for this. Thanks
Craig's Channel : Thank you, learned something!

How to Connect BNC Crimp-on Connectors to RG59 Coaxial Cable

http://cctvcamerapros.com/bnc-crimp - This video shows how to connect BNC crimp-on connectors to RG59 Siamese coaxial cable used in CCTV camera installations. The two piece BNC crimp-on type connector is used in this particular video. This type of connector, tools, and the attachment technique used in this video are very commonly used by professional security installers.

Here is a list of the equipment and installation tools that CCTV Camera Pros used:

2 piece BNC male crimp-on connector

TL-70 cable crimping tool

Tl-22 cable stripper

RG59 Siamese coax cable

Please post any questions that you have regarding what is taught in this video or anything at all related to video surveillance equipment.

About CCTV Camera Pros
CCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of video surveillance equipment. We ship the equipment that we sell worldwide and all of our products are available on our website at http://www.cctvcamerapros.com.

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PS Fanboy : This video was VERY helpful. I bought a crimpping tool and the compressor because it was recommended to me by more than one person. I never knew what the crimper did, or how it worked. I see it is just a really good back up tool. Thanks for posting!
burtonkidd : Informative video,
I just received my RG59 siamese and some crimp connectors.
I crimped the connector like you did and soldered on my power leads. (- to - + to +) and when i connect the camera and cable to the DVR the inferred clicks on the screen stays black and then in the lower corner i have a capital P with a red x and no picture.
Steven Newall : I would say your method and cable stripping tool is terribly inefficient.  You are better with a tool that takes care of everything in one action.
Sidney Mathious : That is a nice looking job and I would like to have tools to do similar jobs.
Rick Verano : Trim the copper braid shorter before you push the ferrel up.

Crimping BNCs onto RG59

Learn how to crimp a BNC connector onto an RG59 coax cable with InfoComm University instructor Bill Thomas, CTS-I.
Cody Stone : I have watched a lot of videos on this subject lately... ivmust congratulate you on doing such. Clean job!so many videos of folks just wrecking that braided cable and having all these strands poking out of the crimp piece.. whether it makes a difference or it does not, pride in your work goes a lot further than just looking good. Builds integrity!

Nice work again. Thanks for the video!
Percy Sayas Torre : Excellent video sir, my respects, I saw tapes videos to strike out a rj11 and rj59 cable, but none like you, I send you my admiration for exposing your knowledge, a hug from Peru
Bryan Pray : Need tool part #s please. Thx
Ximo Candela Belso : Thank you very much, from Spain!! Your're the fucking master




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