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Unicity Review - Legit Or Scam?

Unicity Review - Legit Or Scam?
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Science of Unicity Balance

"What is the purpose of Unicity Balance and how does it work? Watch this video to learn more about the health benefits of Unicity Balance and how you can restore your body's fat burning process.

.01: Ever wondered why, despite all the fat free foods, weight loss programs and gym memberships, so many of us seem to be getting fatter?
.20: As you eat your body converts food into glucose, simple sugar that travels through your bloodstream.
.40: Insulin is the gatekeeper of yourself. It opens the door, allowing glucose to enter in and be used for your energy needs.
1:23: When your body needs more energy, or glucose, and you don't have any food.
1:43: This natural process of storing fat, when you have too much, and burning fat when you don't have enough glucose is how your body is designed to work.
2:13: Let's take a look at a typical breakfast in our imperfect world, when you get up in the morning, the first thing you might have is a breakfast fairly high in sugar and processed foods.
3:18: The free fatty acids stored in your fat cells can't be accessed.
4:09: After a while, all that insulin takes a toll on the human body, we age much faster than normal.
4:18: There is a way to break this cycle, Unicity Balance.
4:32: Drinking balance before or during a meal allows a more mild release of these two elements.
4:57: No more cravings and no more feeling tired, after a couple of hours in the fat burning zone, we're ready to have balance with our next meal and we start the cycle again.
5:16: We suggest five simple adjustments you can start today.
5:26: We recommend taking Unicity Complete, our delicious meal replacement shake.
5:38: Along with Unicity Balance, eat three healthy well balanced meals.
5:47: Space your meals appropriately.
6:02: Increase your physical activity.
6:11: Decrease the amount of sweets and processed foods you eat.
6:28: Unicity balance, the natural way to turn your body from a fat storing machine into a fat
burning machine.

Unicity Balance, the natural way to turn your body from a fat storing machine into a fat
burning machine.

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